Project Consulting

At Talenthouse we help our clients optimize their management programs by ensuring that available resources (people, processes and technology) are aligned with the company's overall strategy.

Based on our vast experience and proven analytical methodologies we can quickly assess challenged areas, formulate pragmatic improvement initiatives and drive or support the implementation of these initiatives.


Each consulting engagement will start with establishing the objectives to be met and align on the resources required to execute the project. Based on a proven methodology, the relevant processes, people and technology will be assessed based on fit for purpose as well as the alignment to each other. This will establish a base line which will be benchmarked against known world class practices, as well as support of the desired business objectives. These will lead to clear and pragmatic recommendations, realistic planning, and estimation of investments and (financial) returns. Based on agreement the implementation can commence, with the ultimate outcome of a stable operational program.


Our services are tailored to your business needs and are squarely aimed at creating pragmatic, value-added solutions:

  • Focused Solutions - we create and implement only those programs that will have a direct, positive impact on your targeted initiatives
  • Experienced Staff - we draw from a pool of seasoned associates screened for the right skills and experience for your specific project
  • Network - we leverage our extensive network of associates so you can tap into their know-how without the long and steep learning curve of project members, or formally bringing them on the project team
  • On Time & Budget - we utilize recognized best practices and flexible staffing resources to deliver your project in a timely, cost effective manner

Talenthouse offers:

  • Expertise - we have real life experience, as well as world-class consulting, management, and business development credentials
  • Pragmatic Solutions - we focus on establishing programs that are straightforward and deliver results
  • Focus - we deploy dedicated resources for a specific mission with an eye for end results
  • Flexibility - we provide our services part-time and project-based to fit your objectives and your budget

Arjen 'AJ' Althuis
Managing Partner
Talenthouse Consulting, LLC


Project Consulting

Provide market assessments, financial analysis, due diligence, and merger & acquisition support for small and mid-sized companies. Our emphasis is on projects related to renewable energy, sustainability, and real estate development.

Interim Management

As part of the project scope a client may request us to work in a management capacity for a period of time to direct the transition, change management, and integration to ensure the desired outcomes are delivered.

Executive Search

Executive search for key management roles.